I saw the sign: On the road!

The road is like one long stretch of blanket for the Van’s dreamwheeling.

But sometimes that blanket doesn’t have a lot going on, like this:

more like a BLANDket!

…and other times it’s like this!


These road dividers found in Brooklyn are dreamwheel worthy in every shade o’ season:

far out flakes
very cherry blAWESOME!
wild road flower (only grows on concrete)

unbeleavable leaves (yet totally believable)

and now for the grande finale…

all the seasons strung together like you’ve never seen’um!

winter, spring, summer or faaallllll, all you got to do is...keep your eyes open to the magic of the road! you thought i was gonna say "call", and get all james taylor-y on you. never!

i’m gonna get all taylor-y AND king-y on you:


The Magic Weather Van’s going mobile with our new App!

Quick!  Name your favorite weather app for your smart phone!

Oh yeah, that’s a pretty good one… They really give you a lot of information.

Well, then name your second favorite!

There we go!  Get ready to part ways with that program, cause there’s a new app in town!

The Magic Weather Van App!

Check it out at Google Play! (Coming soon to iPhone)

The Magic Weather Van app is finally here Continue reading

The Buick Riviera – The other 60s sports car

With so many groups devoted to the history of sports car classics like the Mustang and the Camaro and the Maverick, a sturdy built car that doesn’t bother with silky curves might just get lost in the mix.

And unfortunately that’s been the fate of the Buick Riviera.

Those Mustang lovers hog everything! "Share the road, share the pride... please?"

Yes, the Buick Riviera.  With corners you could set your old-timey pocket watch to.  It may have a V8.  And it may have wood paneled interior.

But nothing says “I like to go to bed by 8:30 post meridian” like the Buick Riviera!

Here’s a typical conversation between a Buick Riviera and its owner:

Very Old Man: “Hey,pal! What do you say we go for a spin around town?”

Buick Riveria: “I don’t know… Do you think your pants are pulled up high enough?”

VOM: “You’re darned tootin’! That belly’s all tucked in and ready to go!”

BR: “But do you have your seat pillow with you, so you can hunch over my steering wheel?”

VOM: “I’ve got two! I’ll be nuzzling your windshield.”

BR: “Well, OK.  Let’s go!”

VOM falls asleep.

VOM wakes up, disoriented: “Oh what’s that? Apple sauce? Never touch the stuff!… Oh, hey Riveria!  Are we going on a drive or what, ya wiffle-waffler!”

BR: “I guess.  Did you remember to bring your cane with the metal duck head on top?”

And so on and so forthio.

The Buick Riviera - It could go fast... But it won't.

But sadly, the Riviera is a thing of the past.  No more can a 90 year old man go to his local Pontiac/Buick dealer and purchase his new dream car.

But wait!  Could it be?  Could there be a new Riviera coming? As good as the original? As sharp and straight laced?

Buick debuted this Riveria concept car in 2008...and that's as far as it went. RIP Riveria. You tried, and that's what counts!


Meet Rafflesia Arnoldii – The biggest flower!

Wondering what to get that special someone for your anniversary?  Wish you could say “you’re sweet!” with something a little more special than a daffodil or a petunia? Well, then Rafflesia Arnoldii might just be the flower for you!

We call him Arnie Raffs for short. Look at him all cute and rainbowy!

Arnie Raffs has everything!  He’s red – the color of Love! He’s got big Hawaiian looking petals – Aloha!  And he’s the biggest flower in the whole world!

And he's made of yarn over at Dessy TAB's Zpiderd Zigh blog!

But just like with anything that’s really worth it, this flower’s not easy!

First off, Arnie only grows in Southeast Asian Rainforests… so he’s a little tricky to get to.

And Arnie’s a growing boy.  He gets too hungry to live on just sun and dirt.  He likes meat!  Specifically bugs.  And he can’t exactly floss and brush his teeth. So he’s got a little case of halitosis…

Some meanies call him the corpse flower. But we don't like to judge.

But hey, since Arnie’s technically a parasite, he doesn’t have any messy leaves or roots to deal with.  Although, he still might be a bit of a handful…

"Look, Susie! It's a giant smelly flower! Maybe you should stick your hand in it's spike-hole! Yeah... there you go."

Why aren’t we calling the Frankenstorm a Horrorcane?

We’ve been on the road for a couple of days and we just caught wind of Sandy the Hurricane.

Different Sandy.  But thanks Nickelodeon!

Different Sandy. (But thanks Nickelodeon!)

And Sandy’s not the only news!  There’s a Nor’easter bringing in some nippy windy stormy goodness too.  Plus, we could even get snow! In October!

And so, we’re officially calling it the  - Snor’eastercane!

Or at least we were yesterday.

But no… That just doesn’t have the right ring to it.  After all, Halloween’s coming up.  And this is spooky.  It needs to have a corny joke thrown in there.

Jeff Masters of Wunderground gave it a shot:

“Mother Nature is not saying, ‘Trick or treat.’ It’s just going to give tricks.” (Thanks, Associated Press! and Google!)

Wow.  Jeff.  Really?  I mean, they put you on the spot, but that’s what you came up with?  Are you implying that this is all just a trick?  No storm after all?  Or do you believe the weather’s magic too?!?!  Would you like to hop in our van with us?  There’s plenty of room!

But it looks like an unnamed group of “some” people have cracked the code and found the secret combo of spooky and major weather event – Frankenstorm.

We really don’t like to criticize.  Frankenstorm is great.  It’s only a couple of letters off of Frankenstein.  It’s a mish-mash of weather events just like Franky’s made up of all kinds of different people.  It’s really got something for everybody.

It's an instant classic! (Thanks Dr. Macro and NASA!)

But we feel that a real opportunity has been missed.  This is a halloween hurricane.  Nobody’s really interested in the Nor’easter part.  And the snow’s cheating.  That just comes with the Nor’easter territory, and it’s not guaranteed anyway.

To truly show the power of this storm, we have to call it what it really is – the Horrorcane!

And one bold, edgy media outlet has broken the chains of the Frankenstorm elite and set out on their own path to proudly say, “Sandy is our Horrorcane!”

Of course that publication is…

Allentown, Pennsylvania's Finger on the Pulse - The Morning Call!

But no!  Tragically, even the trailblazers at the Morning Call have finally given in and changed their headline.

But what could be the cause of this silence on such a perfect storm of horror and cane?

And then it hit us.  In an election season, we are all a little sensitive.  And unfortunately Horrorcane just hits a little too close to home.

Did you say Hermancane? (Thanks Gage Skidmore and NASA!)

It’s all coming together… Oh well.  Maybe next year!

i saw the sign: license plate edition

so i was hopping along with froggy on the bogwalk when i noticed this pro-amphroggian license plate:

froggy gives this plate two frumbs up!

which got me pondering (this is different than ponderosa’ing, which is when i debate how much i want a steak at the strip mall)…what other things do people brake for?

shell-am on the brakes for your slow-going shelled amigos


i mean, who doesn't?

while i used to freaking love the smurfs back in the '83, i now realize they are pretty creepy. not sure i would brake for 'em. sorry childhood icon!

not only would i brake for a unicorn, i would kindly ask the unicorn for a magical rainbow ride through the forest! do you think he/she would oblige? if said unicorn refused my request, i'd think a whole lot differently about the species. huge wake-up call.

who do you brake for? lemm’us know!


molly “i brake for nachos” reisner

Happy the world is round day!!

In 1492,

Christopher Columbus did what no one else could do.

He packed his ship and headed to sea,

To find a new world! (Or was it spices and tea?)

His journey was long but he finally arrived,

And some of his crew also made it alive.

So now we can celebrate on this Columbus Day

By making small ships out of egg cups and clay!

Happy C-Day everybody!!

the vantry: it takes two to mango!

hey nibblers,

one of my fave things to do is share all the goodies we stockpile in the vantry – our customized snack-packed shelving unit in the van that can withstand all manner of bumps and swerves!

we recently got tongue-topical with this tropical treat and cannot get enough in our bloodstream:

if you checked our blood mango levels, they'd fly off the fruity charts! thanks, tradewinds.

with a can that goes the distance, you get a tall drinka delicious in one sky high container.  unfortch, it’s so tasty, you’re likely to suck it down before you get to the next exit!

even our pet owl wants a taste. get yer feathered behind out of our stash, mr. owl!

keep on snackin’ til the breaka breaka dawn!


mango molly


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