Super Bowl Time!! Do you have your Videospheres Ready?

It’s that magical time of year again.  There’s a chill in the air (or not in a lot of places), snow on the ground… hmmm… Well anyway, it’s the season of football, whatever the weather.

Sure, not every Van Fan is a Touchdown Nut or a Helmet Head.  But today’s the day when we all can’t help but wonder: How many fair catch kicks will it take to be the best football team of the year?

But the Super Bowl’s not just about 1-point conversions and Fumble-rooskies!  It’s about getting together with a bunch of friends and staring at TV for several hours.  And if you’re gonna be staring at a TV, it might as well be a fun one.  This year, we’re breaking out the Videosphere!

It's perfect for watching a football player have a terrible fall!

That’s right! The Videosphere – “IT TURNS YOU ON… EVEN WHEN IT’S OFF!” with Three Way Power!  How can you resist watching people beat each other up over a funny looking ball on something that cute?













Those two just had a crazy conversation.  Unfortunately, Videospheres have really good poker faces, so it’s hard to tell what they’re up to.  We’ll assume they’re talking about how much they like our Van.  That’s what we spend most of our time talking about!

It’s fun hanging with Videosphere, cause Videosphere hangs too!

 Is it supposed to look like the moon?  A space helmet? A super bowling ball??..

The Videosphere even plays well with others. It's like a big brother to Pet Radios!

We said earlier that these guys have a really good poker face.  But that’s really just because they hide their real faces.  They’re on top of their heads!

This little guy is a grumpy guss! He wanted to watch cartoons, but his family ended up turning on the news!

This feller's all smiles, cause he just got to watch We Got the Munchies on the Weather Vannel!










We’re gonna be sure our Videosphere’s are happy tonight by hanging a bunch of them up together and turning the Super Bowl on all of them!  Go Team!

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